The Bernard Slee Music Award

Bernard's music tastes were classical and especially opera. We have linked up with The University of Nottingham to provide an award for a talented student in their Department of Music. We are really looking for someone whose preference is for opera but in particular who is taking their passion to a wider audience.

For too long opera has been seen as only for the rich whereas it is really for everyone. Opera was originally written for and enjoyed by the masses.

We aim to support a resurgence of Opera for everyone. As Bernard said when asked what 'Di Quella Pira', from Verdi's Il Trovatore, meant?

Put that bloody fire out.....

We have now made the first award to a student at Nottingham University - we were pleased to meet him at the University and talk about his plans. We were impressed with the benefits the award would bring to his studies.

The second award will be due late in 2009 - we will post details here as soon as we can.

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